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Business Issue

Axiata, one of Asia’s largest and most dynamic telco network brands, had recently concluded the acquisition of several operating companies across Asia.  Each had different brands and names thus they needed to make sure that there was one underlying theme for all brands.


As badminton was one of Asia’s top sports, in creating the world’s largest prize money badminton tournament, Axiata solidified its name as the “parent company” of each operating brand through widespread media coverage.  Axiata created a special element of the logo vector to be included in each operating company logo and highlighted all companies in the event branding.


Consumers across the Asian region became aware that their telco network was part of a larger community of companies and owned by a top brand in Asia.  From that point forward, branding became uniform across all Axiata-owned operating companies.

AXIATA CUP: Building a Brand 

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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