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Business Issue

Cyma was a relatively small timepiece brand emanating from Switzerland but with a strong presence in Asia.  They were looking to create a strong association with world class celebrities to link to their Asian fanbase. 


Their strategy called for  celebrities that fit within Cyma's small budget, but had substantial following in the target markets.  Through strong relationships in sports and entertainment, a wide variety of celebrities were vetted until Ryan Giggs, Damon Hill and Xavi Hernandez were agreed upon, and we negotiated the deals for them to appear in Cyma's in-store and billboard campaigns. 


Cyma was able to tap into the popular fanbases of these celebrities to increase sales.  They appealed to the fans in a logical way with supporting promotions appropriate to each celebrity and generated an entirely new sales market.

CYMA: World Class Link

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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