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Business Issue

FC Barcelona had seen great success on the pitch and is one of the top football clubs on the planet.  They had many global partners, but were not reaching fans directly in many markets around the world. 


We came up with the idea to appeal to brands that were popular in their local/regional markets and come up with a unique rights package appropriate for local investment, but that wouldn’t impact their potential for global partnerships.  Big Cola invested in 16 markets across Asia and Central/South America and has been a partner of FC Barcelona since 2011.


FC Barcelona was able to generate incremental revenues while reaching out to fans directly through Big Cola’s local promotions.  The model has been so successful—both for Big Cola and for FC Barcelona—that FC Barcelona has opened regional sales offices to replicate this deal many times over!

FC BARCELONA: Regional Marketing

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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