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Business Issue

In Southeast Asia there is one company that has the deepest consumer insights in the marketplace, Fusionex. They link consumers with products and services on a daily basis and in mass scale.  An opportunity exists for them to create a marketplace for consumers, products and sports entities to “live together” and prosper.  However, they lack the relationships in the sports industry to get it up and running.


ResultX Group has allowed Fusionex to build the marketplace, marketed as “mySport”, that will become the region’s #1 place to go for sharing and learning about the latest trends in sports and esports.  The way consumers want to shop online is not through banner ads or hard push sales tactics.  Consumers seek to find their own options and encourage other opinions in doing so.  ResultX Asia has recruited sports and esports entities from around the world to contribute and share their opinions for consumers to review..



mySport will have a great variety of unique content and information available for consumers to discover their own interest in products and services.  The word of their favourite athletes matters to them; and the listen to input given by the world’s top sports heroes about new products and services.  mySport will become a unique marketplace for consumers, sports influencers and products to meet and prosper.

Fusionex: Creation of MySport platform

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