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Business Issue

Glory was a newly created Kickboxing brand, that needed a content revenue stream to be made out of their live events. Unfortunately,  sports content buyers are conservative and untrusting of new combat sports brands due to the notoriously unreliable promotors in the combat sports business.


The ResultX Group partners, created & implemented a content strategy that generated huge interest in the series by marketing heavily at content industry trade shows, creating compelling marketing & sales collaterals as well as creating and making shoulder content that educated the fans on who the fighters where and made them care about who won and lost. The sales team were also intensively trained to ensure that they knew exactly how to pitch the series to potential buyers, and to concentrate selling the stories and the personalities


Within 1 year of launch, the content revenue per event had risen to over $1million per event from a starting revenue of zero. This was created from deals with 35 broadcasters, covering 150 countries in over 1 billion households around the world 

Glory Kickboxing: Launching a new brand

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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