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Business Issue

The world of fantasy sports is a multi-billion $ industry in the around the world. Kickstox, a brand-new way to play fantasy football, was created in the Netherlands in 2020 and sought a partner to help them grow their business in Asia.  Without contacts in the region, and understanding of local rules/regulations, they couldn't gain any traction in the region.



Working with ResultX Group helped Kickstox to move faster and more effectively into Asia.  We opened markets to the game which hadn’t previously been possible for Kickstox on their own.  ResultX Group found local media partners to promote and sell the game across numerous markets while advising on the local conditions required for the game to be popularized.  ResultX Group also advised Kickstox on optimisation of their game to ensure adoption at a mass level.

The Vibes & Kickstox partnership.jpeg


Kickstox has launched, and is planning to launch, in a number of major markets across Asia.  They have strong promotional partners in each market which leads to widespread adoption and revenues. The Kickstox offering is in multiple languages and on RXG's advice has adapted its financial model to be allowed to operate to its maximum ability across the region.

Kickstox: Creating an Asian Fantasy

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