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Business Issue

The Indonesian basketball Association (Perbasi) was forced to cancel the national league due to lack of funding and dynamic commercial models.  Basketball was not a top sport in Indonesia, however, it was popular in urban centers.  They sought a sustainable model to move forward.


We were able to attract a top broadcaster to join forces and converge sponsorship assets with on-air broadcast inventory.  This allowed us to secure the funding required to pay for the costs of all teams and league operations.  In addition, elements were added to the league, such as foreign players, All Star Game, Final Four, cheerleaders, fan gatherings, etc. which created the “hype” that an urban center requires to fill stadiums. 


The league has become a mainstay in large cities within the country and has a sustainable format and business model.  There is now also a popular feeder program (university league) that spreads interest among youth.  In 2023, Indonesia will host the FIBA Basketball World Cup!

Perbasi:  Building Lasting Assets

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by IMG Ltd

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