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  • Julian Jackson

What is CloudCast?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

ResultX Asia has been appointed by Kiswe to share the CloudCast service with rights holders, broadcasters and event owners across Asia.  Here’s what CloudCast is and can do for you:

  • Kiswe have built an enterprise-grade cloud-based digital production studio to create personalized digital content for higher audience engagement

  • Save costs on production equipment and services while maintaining world class production quality and producing from your office or even from home!

  • CloudCast transforms a single live broadcast feed into many alternate feeds to reach and serve all fans and viewers: From Gen Z to Baby Boomers.

  • CloudCast also allows several individual camera feeds to be sent into the cloud so that a director can switch camera angles and upload graphics from his laptop at home!

  • For news aggregators, CloudCast allows several world news feeds to be cut down and edited into a local news feed—including commentator/reporter—in minutes.

  • CloudCast allows the broadcaster to switch between several live games within a single broadcast (in case action is happening in another game)

  • For maximum engagement, CloudCast can enable social media influencers from multiple countries to commentate on a single live broadcasts simultaneously in local languages—thereby increasing viewership and “localisation” of international feeds

  • Pay as you use commercial model allows for scalable use!

  • Rights holders:  join the rights holders such as the NBA, FIFA, the English Premier League and the Olympic Channel in producing better and cost-efficient content

  • Broadcasters:  see how and why BeIn, DAZN, Turner, Fox Sports, Eurovision and others are using CloudCast to optimize their broadcast feeds

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