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  • Julian Jackson

What is experience360°?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

ResultX Asia has been appointed by experience6 to share the experience360° Virtual Event Platform ( with event organisers, conferences, and exhibition organisers, real estate developers & retails brands in the Asia Pacific region.

  • As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak around the world, virtual events and virtual solutions have become the only way forward in embracing our new normal.

  • Companies are struggling to create business opportunities and drive new business profitability in the climate of less travel, limited physical viewing/meetings, etc.

  • Times have changed but the need of humans to interact in a real-life way is still very much crucial to our day to day business.

  • Even when things go back to “normal”, companies will want to have more ways to engage their target markets locally, regionally and globally.

  • experience360° is the answer for conference event operators and venues in the short term as the platform re-creates a life-like conference/exhibition experience for customers.  In the long term, the platform will allow for event operators/venues to expand the reach of their conferences beyond those who attend in person.

  • Retailers will love experience360° because it allows them to re-invent the shopping experience virtually.  The platform provides for shoppers to walk through separate product areas within the store, shop for what they want, view videos about new products, speak to “store attendants” to ask questions and purchase within the platform.

  • experience360° works great for Real Estate developers who have not yet built their properties.  The platform allows for prospective buyers to walk through the virtually-created environment, room by room, street by street and see the property in a realistic manner completely to scale.  Again, customers can ask questions of sales consultants and make appointments for in-person meetings.

  • Other industries such as Golf Courses, Hotels/Resorts and travel-related destinations will want to work with experience360° to give the most realistic feeling of seeing the property without actually being there!  Much cheaper than other methods of mapping, the platform allows for prospective buyers/travellers to get a feeling of the offering and inspires purchase motivation.

  • experience360° is scalable, modular and dynamic.  The platform has as many uses and utility as we can possibly imagine.  We can create new applications to ensure that your virtual needs are covered.

To see how experience360° can help you hold events virtually, contact us: HERE

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