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  • Julian Jackson

What is Kickstox?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

ResultX Asia has been appointed by Kickstox to launch and expand the game across the Asian region with broadcasters, digital partners and sponsors.  Here’s why we’re bullish on Kickstox as the biggest new way to play fantasy football: 

  • Kickstox is a football player trading game—much in the way that we trade stocks every day in finance.

  • As it is a “Freemium” model, Kickstox gamers can choose from free play or games with entry fees and prizes.

  • When playing the game, you may choose any player from clubs across 5 European Leagues (English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch Leagues) as well as the Champions and Europa Leagues.

  • Players raise and lower in value mostly during match play and it’s up to your skill and knowledge to determine which player will rise (who you will buy) and which player will drop (who you will sell) in value.

  • Unlike traditional fantasy football manager games, Kickstox is most dynamic during the match as you can buy/sell players as you see them losing/gaining value.

  • This drives Kickstox gamers to watch football broadcasts live thereby driving viewership of broadcast or increasing traffic to websites/social media pages.

  • Kickstox games—called “Battles”—can be played on a daily, weekly, monthly or season-long basis.  So even if one day your portfolio has decreased, you still have new opportunities the next period to win again.

  • For Kickstox partners, key factors are:  revenue generation, fan engagement, increased broadcast ratings/traffic and providing an extension for brands to connect to the football viewing audience.

  • Consumer brands will love engagement through Kickstox as they will be able to engage with football fans directly, digitally and in a much more cost-effective way.

  • Kickstox will become one of the fastest the new ways to play fantasy football globally as we will be creating localized versions of the game (together with the local leagues) in several countries across Asia.

To see how Kickstox can help you engage with & monetise your football audience, contact us: HERE

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