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  • Julian Jackson

Who are Osai?

Osai love sports and want to make it better. Referees, players, trainers - when everything relies on people, there is a high probability of making a mistake. Osai are developing automatic systems that help to analyze a game and provide real-time game data with Computer Vision and AI.


OSAI can provide gambling companies with more in-depth data (including bounces, player game techniques etc.) faster than human scout and with high accuracy.

Broadcast and advertising

Our real-time data helps advertisers improve audience engagement. The Mixed Reality feature allows brands to gamify the viewing experience and increase the viral spread on social media

Professional players and coaches

OSAI helps to improve the training process in real time, in the personal account of the trainer there will be all analytics of the game whose knowledge will help to improve skills

Websites and social networks

OSAI stats and analysis can be integrated with any website as a widget with in-game analytics, statistics and live results.

RXA are advising Osai with rights holders in Asia Pacific.

For more information about how Osai can help you, contact us: HERE

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