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  • Julian Jackson

Who are Screach?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Screach are an innovative are global streaming and venue marketing platform for commercial premises (pubs and bars) that help rights holders and broadcasters further monetise the Enterprise venue market

Screach is cloud-based which aggregates all live sports content available in the user’s home country into a single place. The Screach smart TV app is available in 157 countries across venues such as bars, cafes, hotels and gyms.

Screach is powered by UK-based technology firm Screenreach, whose ‘freemium’ model centres on a free downloadable app and offers venues a free marketing and advertising channel that includes programmable digital signage and revenue-generating third-party adverts. Screach’s web-based portal can be used as a single log-in to purchase any sports subscriptions or pay-per-view events.

Acccording to Screach CEO, Robert Rawlinson “The service enables broadcasters and the owners of sports rights a frictionless way to deliver their content directly to enterprise venues, with no capital costs. Selling content to enterprise venues is a powerful way for rights owners to boost subscription revenue and raise awareness of their direct-to-consumer offering. The platform also helps them address the increasing challenge of content piracy.”

Screach work with rights holders and broadcasters all around the world such as BT Sports, Premier Sports, La Liga TV and the NFL amongst many others.

RXA are currently advising Screach in their launch into Asia as well as with sports rights holders and broadcasters.

For more information about how Screach can help you monetise the Enterprise Venue market better, contact us: HERE

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