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Why not create your own social media platform?

By James White, Co-Founder of &

31st May 2022

The time is NOW to own your fan data and provide more engagement for fans! Home page

With social media and digital marketing dominating brand spending increases, it’s time for the sports and entertainment marketing industry to grab a slice of this pie!

Gone are the days where sports & entertainment brands and broadcasters sell their fanbases or viewership without direct to consumer (DTC) data.

The ability now exists to create your own social media network—with improved fan engagement functionality—and retain/sell fan data in the same way that Facebook and Google do! Home Page

Sports & Entertainment organizations, fans and brands alike will all gain from this new bespoke social media model.

Sponsors of sports clubs, broadcasters, leagues and federations can now access fan data through the bespoke AI technology and features that mySPORT provides on a white label basis.

Reach the demographic that you want directly and convert that to sales immediately on the platform.

Social Commerce example

mySPORT is the only platform in the sports & entertainment world that allows for white labelling under your own brand name and combines fan engagement and social media interaction with eCommerce (called “Social Commerce”).

The ability to allow fans to create their own UGC content and charge for it will also enable your white label to let influencers, fans, players and coaches to all generate their own income on your platform! Talk Show with guests

Once you’ve activated your mySPORT platform, you can allow fans/players/celebrities on your platform to create live, 2-way audio talk shows (same tech as Clubhouse or Spotify Greenroom) to discuss pre-match strategies or even add video to this feature.

You can create watch parties on top of your live or archived content for fans around the world to enjoy together. All of the traditional social media features are also available such as posting text/images/video, sharing, following, commenting, etc.

In addition to traditional subscription and micro transaction revenues, other revenue streams on the platform include commissions from eCommerce (social commerce) on top of all your content in league with sponsors and advertisers.

The platform also enables virtual tipping and voting where fans can reward their favourite content creators with direct tips and engage in voting for best content, players, officials, etc. in your organizations’ awards and polls.

Fans will be encouraged to upload their own content and view others’ through gamification in the mySPORT loyalty program.

The time is NOW to work with mySPORT to create your own social media environment on your digital platform and own your fan data! Don’t let Facebook and Google earn millions every month off the back of your hard-earned fans.

If you’re interested to learn more, get in touch with us at:

Alternatively check out

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