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Business Issue

The Indonesian football league had become unviable and was disbanded.  Due to misappropriation issues, sponsors were weary of investing in Indonesia’s #1 sport.  Frequent scheduling changes and the huge geographic spread between club cities made broadcasting unpalatable. 


We were able to bring new structural and commercial ideas to the table along with an element of stability that created an environment conducive to new investment.  The structural changes provided for all teams to receive equal exposure in broadcasting.  As a third party, the stability we brought to the table allowed for sponsorship investment and guarantees of commercial value returned to teams and investors.  A new broadcast strategy created value for multiple broadcasters without adding significant costs.


The league came back onto the scene and with fewer teams over time, the health of each club increased.  Over the next four seasons, sponsorship increased by 300% and broadcast hours over 400%.  Since this period, the league has continued its growth and is now a permanent fixture for fan appreciation and national team selection in the country.

PSSI: Commercial Optimisation

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by IMG Ltd

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