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Business Issue

Dua Kelinci is an Indonesian peanut brand in a “challenger” market share position.  They had a rather old-fashioned image and needed something to modernise the image and at the same time show they were a world class product.


We were able to convince Real Madrid FC to work with Dua Kelinci on a local basis in Indonesia only—which allowed Dua Kelinci to access the global powerhouse with a local budget.  We also linked them with Luis Figo for on-ground activations solidifying the link and added credibility to the Indonesian Real Madrid fanbase.  A multi-year arrangement gave Dua Kelinci time to activate strongly and with Real Madrid being a top club nearly always in the news, the association was strong.


Over time, Dua Kelinci increased market share and perception.  The partnership was so successful for them that they continued it after the original contract period and expanded the number of geographic markets to support their plans for export.  Recently, Real Madrid and Dua Kelinci concluded a further extension to support Dua Kelinci’s re-branding campaign.

DUA KELINCHI: Brand Regeneration

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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