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Business Issue

As brands move their budgets to social media marketing, Sportskred was created to help maximise these revenues for sports organisations.    Sportskred enables them to harness all of their social media assets.  However, Sportskred did not have the global relationships with sporting organizations in order to sell their product widely.

RXA & SportsKred.png


ResultX Group proposed to work with Sportskred to broaden their reach almost immediately through our global sports network.  As the practice of managing social media marketing campaigns for brands is not as pervasive within the sports marketing world, much education was required in order to showcase how the Sportskred platform  “simplified” the process of running campaigns.  The depth of ResultX Group's relationships allowed for faster adoption of the new concept within the marketplace..

RXA & SportsKred.png


ResultX Group has opened up markets across the sporting world for Sportskred in a faster and more cost-effective way than they would have had otherwise.  This will lead to increased revenue and profit for Sportskred both in the short and long term.

SPORTSKRED: Sports Market fast forward 

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