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Peter Hutton

Head of Sport, Facebook

Julian has been a trusted source of advice for over 20 years now since he was one of the first executives at Espn-Star & was a valuable part of our launch team at Ten Sports, bringing management experience and subject matter knowledge to our young operation. Throughout his career, he has gathered an impressive range of knowledge and contacts across the media and streaming businesses. His personal credibility is impressive with multiple, now successful, young staff across Asia paying testimony to his guidance, and having added considerable value to broadcasters and agencies alike.



David Burke

MD & COO, VIVA Group

I had a number of interactions professionally with James whilst he was based in Jakarta, and subsequently when he moved to Singapore. James is an absolute pleasure to work with, very creative in his approach, execution focused and very clear about what is required by way of way of deliverables. Very positive in his outlook, and a great counterpart


Andrew Whitaker

CEO, Kings Highway

Starting at StarTV in the 90’s through to TSA in the 00’s and Glory in the 10’s working with Julian has been one of the true constant pleasures of my career. He is the epitome of the total international media professional, who not only gets results at all levels everywhere he has been, but also with the added benefit of still being widely liked and easy to work with whether in Asia or further afield. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough


Mark Adams

MD, Global Bridge LLC

I worked directly with James for many years at IMG in Jakarta and Singapore and saw him develop into a well-rounded professional in the sports and entertainment industry. James is a very good people person which helps greatly in any sales / business development role. He also has many years of great experience and success in not only sponsorship sales and business development, but also in event management, client representation and media rights. James would be an asset to any organization


Richard Vaughan

CEO Squash Australia

I have worked with Julian while CEO at Badminton Ireland and Squash Australia. We have benefited from Julian's sports marketing and media industry experience on numerous occasions. His professionalism, dedication, integrity and superior communication skills made him an immensely valuable contact in the media space and I have always appreciated his passion, attention to detail and his supportive and respectful approach. I have total confidence in his on-going success.


Marcus Luer

Founder & CEO TSA

James is a highly enthusiastic, diligent and hard working senior leader in the world of Asian Sports. He has built a strong network across the region and has been involved in many major events and projects. Always ready to learn and improve. Proud to have him as a member of the TSA Alumni network.

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