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Business Issue

Tourism Malaysia intended to promote “Visit Malaysia Year 2014” to a global (mostly Asian) audience.  They sought cost-effective, high impact methods to get the message across an secure bookings


Together with the BWF, we created a campaign promoting Malaysia as “the Home of Badminton”.  Many of the world’s top players at the time were from Malaysia and the sport’s popularity was on the rise across Asia (Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea, etc.).  We promoted Malaysia as a destination through the Badminton Monthly program and also created a “Road to Malaysia” rankings throughout the year-long Super Series events globally.  During the event, Visit Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines received dominant branding and we included video of popular tourist destinations within the broadcast.


Visit Malaysia 2014 was a great success for Tourism Malaysia in part due to the exposure they received for nearly an entire year through the BWF relationship.  Tourism Malaysia adopted similar strategies with other events subsequent to the success of the badminton relationship.

TOURISM MALAYSIA: Global Promotion

Disclaimer: Note that this case study example was undertaken when employed by TSA Ltd

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