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Strategic Investment Advisory

ResultX Group has a deep understanding of the media landscape in Asia and is able to provide deep insight for potential investors. We also identify potential investment opportunities & advise throughout the process.

Brand Activation

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ResultX Group can provide direction for brands seeking the right link with sports & entertainment properties. The right fit is crucial in maximising results and creating activations that are meaningful & will grow customer engagement.

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Sales Strategy, Execution & Training

With over 50 years of combined successful sales expertise under our belts, ResultX Group can help organisations to create & implement the right sales strategy, materials and techniques that deliver results.   

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Digital Revenue Generation

Working with our partners, ResultGroup can help sports broadcasters, rights holders, clubs, leagues and federations add incremental revenue to their traditional revenue sources, by tapping into d2c REAL TIME ENGAGEMENT over. social video

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esports Advisory

As the sport grows, brands need advice on the most

authentic ways to engage with fans. Young esports companies often need help to tap into available content & sponsorship revenues. ResultX Group has that expertise.

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Asian Market Launch Strategies

When launching a product or service in Asia each country needs a different approach. With roots in the UK & the USA, ResultX Group can draw on a combined 50 years of experience in the region and can kickstart your plans to save you time & money.

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Sports Market Launch Strategies


Many companies have a great product and want to enter into the sports market, but do not have the relationships, so need ResultGroup to fast forward their sales effort. We formulate sales approach and marketing strategies as well as  tap into our unrivalled network to set up vital meetings with key decision makers.

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Commercial Rights Advisory

After working with many Rights Holders over the last 3 decades, ResultX Group have a unique understanding of how to maximise commercial revenues and appeal to fans, stay relevant and engage meaningfully.

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Media Rights Consultation

With over 25 years of content creation, acquisition & selling experience, ResultX Group can help broadcast platforms pivot to encompass a more connected audience & also advise rights holders how best to monetise their content.

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Broadcast Production

ResultX Group has the experience & partners to provide for all of your production needs - from reality shows, scripted dramas, long and short form content and live sports production.

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Branded Content Advisory

We at ResultX Group have extensive experience of creating engaging branded content as well as working with rights holders to help them create customised content for authentic brand engagement.

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